The film adaptation of Macbeth

The Macbeth’s movie by Patrick Stewart is a modern version of Macbeth’s play, I think this version is too modern that’s why I did not like. I prefer the old version because that’s what I have imagined before I saw the movies. I think it is important that we watch the movie with the version that the play was made which took place during the Renaissance period. As a result, I find the old movie more realistic than the other movie. The book is also important but it is too dificult to understand and the movie helps to understand each scenes of the play. The movie presents action and gives me the idea what the scenes are about. For example, when the trio witches are announced that one day Macbeth will become king of Scotland, the movie shows the scenes with a spectacular action and this gives a very realistic idea which the book doesn’t show. The book is frustrating for reader who don’t understand and comprehend the way that the play is written. The book has a difficult read and everytime I read I have to stop and transtale almost every word. Translaling every word takes time. Besides that the book takes time, the reader have to imagine of the scenes and the movie can easily show the scenes. I understand that the purpose of reading a book is to imagine. However, at this time William Shakespeare had a different way of writing and this makes the reader to have different ideas that are might be wrong.  Another scene of the movie that I feel it is important in the play is when Lady Macbeth maniputes Macbeth to kill Ducan. As I mentioned before, I prefer the movie because it gives a good aspect of action and I really enjoyed watching the movie.


Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Act II

Act II scene I is the time when Banquo came to Macbeth’s house. I think that Banquo feels that it’s something wrong in the house because Macbeth is still awake when he came to castle. In addition, Banquo and Macbeth have a discussion about the three witches, but Macbeth has not thought of them since the night they appeared. In this moment, I consider Macbeth as a bad friend due to the lies he makes to Banquo. Macbeth is only think about himself and he consider to have Kingdom without him. After the discussion Banquo leaves the house and then Macbeth talks alone to himself and  he begins hallucinating with a  dagger. This is the moment when he feels that this dagger is calling him. This dagger can be the ego for commit the death of the king. Also, I see this part of the scene as battle of his conscience and death. I think his conscience doesn’t want to kill the king but Lady Macbeth is the one who represents the death. Lady Macbeth has so much passion for death, she thinks that it is way to get her purpose. In act II scene II, I don’t understand when Lady Macbeth talks about owl. Well, all her part I think this part brings an unclear message. I understand that they are discussing about how they can kill the king.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth, finish Act I

In this scenes I found more action than the first scenes. I think these scenes are basically about Lady Macbeth, who is Macbeth’s wife.  I think she is the kind of person who likes to manipulate people because she manipulates her husband to do what she wants. She knows that the witches have announced that her husband would be the King of Scotland. Her goal is to take the power and become queen.   

Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Act I, Scenes I-III

“The Tragedy of Macbeth” begins with three witches that make me wondering why this play starts with these three witches. Well, I think these three witches are the ones  who present the characters in this plays, and they probably give the future. I think that these three witches establish a dark  mood because in the beginning I can image a big thunder and  heavy rain which represent a time with darkness. Indeed this scene, I think that the witches are unclear of what they want to communicate because I don’t understand what they tried to say in this part, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air” Is it something bad that will occur? 

For there the scene change, the second scene starts in camp which has violence in a war. In this scene I only understand that it is a discussion between DUNCAN and MALCOLM. Probably, they are discussing about the war and the soldiers. In the next scene, the main character of the play comes, and a second character who is Banquo. Before these two characters start their in the play, three witches are taking place in the play. They are giving important information about Macbeth. Probably, they say that Macbeth wants to have power in the country.  I think that he wants to rule country and the witches announce this.

I think this is a good play, but we should discuss this in class because I lost with about the witches and the other characters.

In class work-shop Oct 28

I think the work-shop only helped people in my group because I gave them some of my sources.  The work-shop  helped to discuss about my ideas and listened to other opinions. In addition, I think it is great to share opinions and materials with others. Thanks for the help! 🙂

Chimamand Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a Single Story (I didn’t finish this blog post, Now it is done)

Chimammand Ngozi Adichie’s speech I really enjoyed because she did not make me sleep. I got he feel that she was talking to me privately because I like the how she expressed in her speech.  This woman can be inspired from African Novels and stories, but her words can also inspired me. I think she has a great personality and Nigeria might be proud to have someone like her as a of the society. Besides all she accomplishments, there is a part of her speech that liked,“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.” I agree with her words because we live in a world which most of the time people fallow stereotypes. Sometimes people only talk about bad things from a place, person or just anything they want to make stereotypes. I think that stereotypes make us blind, and then we have critical point of view. I wish people can be like this great woman.

Last Work-Shop

I think that evertime you make the work-shop, it helps me to understant more what I have to do in the assignments. I think that is great when a professor does those thing for us. Now, I just have to keep doing my research paper which I hope I will do good. Thanks for the Work-Shop.