Tobias Wolff’s “The Hunters in the Snow”

The story “The Hunters in the Snow” starts off in the snow, which is just like today. I think the story was very fun to read because it was funny. I do not think they are truly friends but more like animals. The story describes three friends going hunting together in the wood. The first character, Tub, a chubby guy who is very sensitive. Then the second character is Frank, who is a cheater, I do not like him. Lastly there is Kenny, who I think is hard and brutal, he is always mad and he even shot a dog. The story is very interesting to read and I like how I get to know each character. Through the story, the author shows that the characters have connection between them and cares for each other, but in the end, they are cruel like animals. Tub shots Kenny because Kenny said he hates Tub, an accident? I don’t know. But I think it is ridiculous that Tub and Frank left Kenny in the car to go drink at a bar and discuss about Frank cheating. Frank is going to cheat on his wife with a fifteen years old girl! Is that even illegal? I really do not like Frank, I think he is just a player and he even have children too and he still wants to be with the babysitter. How can Tub and Frank left Kenny in the back of the car to go drinking and eating. Kenny is dying in the back of a car while Tub and Frank having fun eating and drinking. The ending is very interesting. Kenny and all of them think they are going to the hospital after wasting all those time, but they are going the opposite direction. They are animals! But I do like the story, it was interesting to read.


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