Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds”

The story “Two Kinds” describes about the relatioship between a mother and a daughter. I think the mother only wants her  daughter to be a good girl.  But, the little girl thinks different about being a good girl. Both of them have roots from China, the girl deals with her own internal conflict as well as an external conflict with her mother. The little girl has to deal with the obstacle that her mother gives her.  She feels that being born of Chinese heritage, she struggles with the burden of failing to meet her mother’s expectations. Throughout the story, the author represents the theme that parents can’t control their children, but can only guide them. Sometimes parents over control their children and they don’t really understand that their children are tired of being over control. As a result, the mother thinks  that America is the place where her daughter will be a prodigy. However, little girl has a different type of mind because she was born in America and she feels that she has to be different than what her mother wants.

When little girl has test in school, the mother was unable to become what her mother desired. She desires that her daughter become the perfect girl in the school and everything the mother didn’t have in her life. Sometimes, I think it is good because the mother has dreams for her daughter but at the same time the mother becomes too mean with her daughter. This story provides that the Chinese mother only wants very high expectations for the life of her daughter.


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