Gemini – What Are You Fighting For?

The poem “What Are You Fightidng For” catches my attention because of the title. Everyone has a reason to fighting for what the want in life. I really didn’t like this poem because I don’t really understand what he is trying to say. In this passage he says, ” I would stand to miss the fists on the battlefield
Among an army of red and an army of blue
And I stand tall and true
As I ask you
What are you fighting for?”

well, I only understand that he will fight everyday when the obstacles face him in his life. Also, I think this poem has a good message for people who obstacles in place where they have to fight for everyday life. I feel that poeple who live in a bad area, they are constantly thinking about their family. This part of the poem is really emotional and he says, “And now, I’m too afraid to let my mother walk to the store alone
Cuz these streets” this part reminds me to my country, when I was a kid, I was afraid that my grandmother walked alone in the street because it was a lot of violence and . I feel this part is related to my childhood. This poem touched me for the part, he mentions his mother, we don’t want something bad for the people we love. we feel that if they go out, something wrong will happen to them. So, we prefer to stay away from the violence and proctect the ones we love.


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