Finish Shakespeare’s Macbeth

In Act 4, The three witches appear again in the play.  I feel that this scene is in place which is  dark and the weird sister are around a couldron already boiling. I think are telling each other of the signals they have from their relatives. The three witches make their contributions and I feel that the witches are happy during this moment. After this moment, Hecate enters in the play, she brings a different notes in the lines. Hecate seems to be more intelligent than these weird sisters. I think she is more educated, and she makes a strong feeling of security to Macbeth.

Macbeth enters in this scene, he wants to know what the witches are doing. The witches are acting mysteriously because they have something to say to Macbeth. The witches call the spirit to come and show them about offices. After this there are different apparitions, showing that Macbeth has to be beware from Macduff and some on the apparitions make Macbeth to feel that he doesn’t problems.

The last acts, it just about how Macduff and Malcom are trying to take out Macbeth from kingdom. Lady Macbeth kills herself because she feels guilty and she thinks that killing herself would be the solution for her. Many readers said that she doesn’t kill her in the play, but I think it is true that she suicides herself. At the end of the play, we know that Macbeth is killed. I think Macbeth’s ambition is the cause of his dead becasue he know that prophecies make him to another person. He should have had fallow of what the witches talk him.



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