Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Act III

In Act III Banquo is in the coranation of Macbeth as king and he also thinks about the prophecies of the witches. Now that the first prophecy has come true, Macbeth feels that he have to kill his friend Banquo because Macbeth wants the second prophecy to be come. He doesn’t want that Banquo’s children will be the future kings. However, Banquo sophecies can not be escape. Macbeth has adopted the same moon as Lady Macbeth has in Act 1. Now he has the feelings to kill anyone who is in the witches prophecies. Both characters seem to have the same feelings, they want to have power and they desire that the prophecies come true in their own ways. I think that in this act Macbeth sees Bonquo’s spirit, he is the only one who sees it. I think he feels guilty because he over thinks about his friend Bonquo. As a result, people begin to think that Macbeth is a tyrant. Macduff refuses to stay wih the royal court and he leaves to England to support Malcolm. They want to raise an army and against Macbeth. Soon he knows that Macduff is England, I understand in this part that Macbeth is planning to have a war. These two characters Macduff and Malcolm feel to save Scotland because Macbeth is being a king. In this act we see that it is always conflicts between Macduff and Macbeth. Both of them have different opinions and expectations of who should be the king of Scotland.


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