The film adaptation of Macbeth

The Macbeth’s movie by Patrick Stewart is a modern version of Macbeth’s play, I think this version is too modern that’s why I did not like. I prefer the old version because that’s what I have imagined before I saw the movies. I think it is important that we watch the movie with the version that the play was made which took place during the Renaissance period. As a result, I find the old movie more realistic than the other movie. The book is also important but it is too dificult to understand and the movie helps to understand each scenes of the play. The movie presents action and gives me the idea what the scenes are about. For example, when the trio witches are announced that one day Macbeth will become king of Scotland, the movie shows the scenes with a spectacular action and this gives a very realistic idea which the book doesn’t show. The book is frustrating for reader who don’t understand and comprehend the way that the play is written. The book has a difficult read and everytime I read I have to stop and transtale almost every word. Translaling every word takes time. Besides that the book takes time, the reader have to imagine of the scenes and the movie can easily show the scenes. I understand that the purpose of reading a book is to imagine. However, at this time William Shakespeare had a different way of writing and this makes the reader to have different ideas that are might be wrong.  Another scene of the movie that I feel it is important in the play is when Lady Macbeth maniputes Macbeth to kill Ducan. As I mentioned before, I prefer the movie because it gives a good aspect of action and I really enjoyed watching the movie.


One thought on “The film adaptation of Macbeth

  1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the movie, and that it helped with your comprehension. I think that native English speakers have a really hard time with this play, too. It’s a really tough read and we still need to translate it as if it’s another language. You’re doing great, though, Sandra!

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