Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Act II

Act II scene I is the time when Banquo came to Macbeth’s house. I think that Banquo feels that it’s something wrong in the house because Macbeth is still awake when he came to castle. In addition, Banquo and Macbeth have a discussion about the three witches, but Macbeth has not thought of them since the night they appeared. In this moment, I consider Macbeth as a bad friend due to the lies he makes to Banquo. Macbeth is only think about himself and he consider to have Kingdom without him. After the discussion Banquo leaves the house and then Macbeth talks alone to himself and  he begins hallucinating with a  dagger. This is the moment when he feels that this dagger is calling him. This dagger can be the ego for commit the death of the king. Also, I see this part of the scene as battle of his conscience and death. I think his conscience doesn’t want to kill the king but Lady Macbeth is the one who represents the death. Lady Macbeth has so much passion for death, she thinks that it is way to get her purpose. In act II scene II, I don’t understand when Lady Macbeth talks about owl. Well, all her part I think this part brings an unclear message. I understand that they are discussing about how they can kill the king.


One thought on “Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Act II

  1. Yes, you’re understanding this well so far. I really like what you write in the following statement: “This dagger can be the ego for commit the death of the king. Also, I see this part of the scene as battle of his conscience and death.” I love this idea of the daggers as ego. You’re so right to note the importance of conscience or lack thereof at this point in the play. Nice job.

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