1. The main points in this article are the studies of each character of Poe’s stories. Charlotte Kartix discusses about the insanity of each character of Poe’s three stories. Shi gives an explaining paragraph of “The Tell-Tale Heart” and the Narrator’s insanity.
  2. This piece of article is credible because it comes from Association of Young Journalists and writers which I think they are experts in the field. As a result, I refer this author as a good expert.
  3. I think this article is well written because of the MLA format. Besides the well writing, I think the author uses of a great language because it is easy to understand what she discusses in the article. Moreover, she seems to convince the reader by giving important reason why the narrator in “The Tell-Tale heart” is insane. I think this article provides full information, although she also discusses about other two stories. This article does not miss anything.
  4. In my opinion, this article is going to be useful because of the well study, description, and the main reason which is the insanity. I think the author gives great focal points of the narrator’s insanity, even though she talks about some other character in article. She brings a completely information of this character. In general, the part in this article is basically what I will use in my research paper. Also, I think that this article a good example in how MLA format is using. So, I will be guide by this article as well.

Works Cited

Kartix, Charlotte. “Poe and Insanity: A study of Character.”,. Web. 20 Oct. 2013 <>



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