Research Journal Guideline #4

  1. The main points of this single piece of article are written by whole overview of “The Tell-Tale Heart”. This article provides a historical context and the narrator’s insanity.
  2. The article “The Tell-Tale Heart” by eNotes is credible because the web side seems to have the license to publish articles. Also, the web distribution or information is allowed by the Gale who is a division of Cengage Learning, and is trademarks used under permission.
  3. In my opinion, the article provides a good context and it is well written as many other journals. It is well organized because it has a table of contents in which I can easily check what the article provides in its context.
  4. This piece of article is very useful for my research paper because it has a paragraph of Poe’s insanity in “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Also, I have the idea to start with something about Poe’s life and a little bit about the Gothic Literature in which “The Tell-Tale Heart is characterized. As a result, I think this article can help me to begin with the a little bit of Poe’s background. Although, this article brings different information of Poe’s work, I think I can use some of its ideas.

Works Cited

Gale Cengage. “The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.”, 2011.Web.18 Oct. 2013.  <>




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