Research Journal Guideline #3

Irresisteble Impulses: Edgar Allan Poe and The Insanity Defense

  1. This piece of article discusses about the insanity defense in Edgar Allan Poe’s stories. Also, it talks about the Poe’s fiction from the social and historical context that it is viewed as insanity for many scientific and medical accounts.
  2. This piece of article is credible because it is a critical analysis of what Poe had done in his stories. In addition, this is a credible article because it is from databases and I have seen this article in many other sources in which I have searched, they have this article in the list of references. I think this author has investigated about Poe’s literature because the article to have a good context.
  3. This piece of article is well written because of the writing format. The argument of this article convinces the reader to keep reading the article due to the way is explained. However, this article does not have a full context of “The Tell-Tale Heart”, I think that it is missing information. Moreover, I think I can use the information that is being given.
  4. As I mentioned before, the article is not generally about “The Tell-Tale Heart”, however the information that is being provided, I will use in my research paper.  The purpose of using this article is because of the well context. Even though, I do not have lot information, the article can help me to write about the mad man insanity. Somehow, I can reader more about the article and find more information of his insanity.

 Works Cited

Clemans, J. “Irresistible Impulses: Edgar Allan Poe And The Insanity Defense.” American Literature 63.4 (1991): 623. Academic Search Premier. Web. 22 Oct. 2013. <>



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