The Disappearance by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

>”The Disappearance” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is a story which we see the common problem that a man does to a woman. Most women are abused from men, especially when men think that they are better than women. I think this happen to this story, the wife is well educated and comes from a good family and he thinks that she is nothing in the society like most of Middle East men think. I think that the responsible of this idea why the men are better, it is our own society because we are the ones who make other to believe they are better. For example, the man’s mother thinks that her son should always have control to wife because he is the man of the family. We know that some countries parents are the one who influence that a man should always be better than a woman. Other each issue in this story, it is that they were married by engaged. I think this is bad when people get married without sense of love. In my opinion, some people live a miserable and they do not treat each other nicely. They always have conflicts and discussions. Beside the bad treatment, this family has the bad idea to bring someone to the world because they have conflicts and another member of their family would bring more issues for them. Well, I think that children are good for a family which has love and a good stability. However, this family is not the correct one to have a son. The only part I didn’t like from the story is when the mother leaves the son with the father. I think that a mother is more sensibility in terms of their kids. This woman should have taken her kid.


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