Research Journal Guineline #2

The Physiognomical meaning of Poe’s “The Tell-Tale heart”

  1. The main points of this single pieces is about the discussion of the physiognomical meaning of “The Tell-Tale Heart.” This article talks about why are the motives of the murderer, and presents the psychological meaning of the murderer. In addition, this article gives the point of the mad man insanity and the discussion of the moral sense.
  2. This piece of article is credible because it comes from databases, and author of the article seems to be a good writer. The source of the article gives me the sense that it is an expert source which studies literature. Moreover, the document type of the article is literary criticism.
  3. This piece of article is well written and the argument convincing the reader to get more information about “The Tell-Tale Heart”. I think the article doesn’t miss anything, it is short reading, but it has a good concept. This article gives the idea how to start a research paper. I like the way the author of the piece has brought important point from “The Tell-Tale Heart”. He makes a good concept of the narrator’s insanity.
  4. The piece of the Article seems to be useful for my purpose of insanity.  The way this article is useful, it is because I can take some information of the narrator’s insanity, and I can also think what I can write more for my research paper. Somehow, the article gives what Poe’s want us to know.

Works Cited

Pitcher, Edward W. “The Physiognomical Meaning Of Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Studies In Short Fiction 16.3 (1979): 231. Academic Search Premier. Web. 16 Oct. 2013.


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