Research Journal Guideline #1 ( The Tell-Tale heart)


  1. A main point of the article is the insanity of the mad man which I think everyone acknowledges in Poe’s story because the way of the mad man acts during the narration. This is the point which this source brings by explaining the insisnity of the mad man.
  2. The source that I will use it is credible because it comes from Academic Journal and it is a literary criticism.
  3. The critique of this source it is great for the point of the mad man insanity. I think it’s well written because the author of the source uses the critical point of the madness. Also, it focuses in the madness of the mad man which is very important the story. In addition, the author analyzes the story of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by giving a verdict of the madness illustrates in the story.
  4.  The source will be useful for my research paper because it confirms that the mad man has serious problems with his madness. I think I should use the author point of view because he has expertise in the literature field and the article brings great information of the story. The author illustrates good points which I will use in the research. In addition, the source becomes a great help for my first essay as well.

    Works Cited
    Witherington, Paul. “The Accomplice In ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’.” Studies In Short Fiction 22.4 (1985): 471. Academic Search Premier. Web. 12 Oct. 2013.


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