Desiree’s Baby

           “Desiree’s Baby” by the Kate Chopin, it can be considered as a non-fiction story because it could happen to people who have different type of genes such as: color, hair, eyes and among other features which involve in genes. Sometimes we don’t look alive like our parents, but we can have a physical aspect with other member of the family. In some cases, our parents can be white, but the son or daughter can be tan or black because other member of the family has the tan and black color. It is basically what it happens in the story. I think Armand makes a big mistake by being racist to his own child. Armand feels disagreeable by knowing that his son is black and the story gives the senses that Armand treats badly to black people. Black people are inferior in the eyes of Armand, which is really wrong. Moreover, this story presents a case in which many families have in today’s society by considering that skin color is still important just like Armand thinks. Armand and everybody else assume that Desiree is the problem of the baby skin color by saying she has black roots. As we read in story, we know that the baby becomes the reason why Armand and Desiree have the conflict of racial prejudice. Armand blinds himself of ignorance by judging his wife of her unknown roots. Therefore, I think that if Armand were in love with Desiree, he wouldn’t care about her roots. However, he becomes more irrational with his wife and tells the Desiree to leave. This leads that he never has felt love her due to his treatment. In conclusion, Armand should know better his roots and stop being racist.


One thought on “Desiree’s Baby

  1. I tend to agree with you that if Armand truly loves Desiree, he won’t abandon her. Racism is such a poison, and Armand’s racism turns on him in such an ironic way at the the end of the story. Great job!

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