Interpreter of Maladies

“Interpreter of Maladies” includes the culture of two different countries which Mr. and Mrs. Das presents in the stories. We see who different they are from Indians because they were born in the United States. This situation reminds me of my little sister because she feels more American than the country my parents are. People who parents have a different nationality, they tend to have an undecided nationality. In the story, we see the case of this family which they have different culture even though their roots are from Indian. Also, the story presents family issues by giving us the sense of unhappiness. Mrs. Das doesn’t love Mr. Das and she becomes a bad mother because she doesn’t pay attention to her sons. During the trip to the Sun Temple, Mr. Kapasi is the tour guide. He has the same issues in his marriage, No love. In terms of culture, Indian people make arrangements between families. I think this wrong because we can acknowledge from the story that Mr. kapasi and his wife are unhappy, they don’t feel love. The two marriages in the story may both be unhappy. These families are living in world of conflicts. I think that the family issues affect everyone in this story because the children are ignored by the parents, especially by Mrs. Das. The mother only think about herself and Mr. Kapisa is the type of man who wants to have a change with another woman. In the story, we see that Mr. Kapisa has a sexual attractions for Mrs. Das. in conclusion, I think this story is great but has a lot of conflicts and the characters are pretty crazy.


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