The Wife of His Youth

“The Wife of his Youth” is a great story which has a surprising end. While I was reading the story, I found that the story brings a lot of social problems such as race-hatred. I think that race-hatred problems are still in this time because some people classified other people by class, color, and race. This story tells that people who were in groups, had the change to be in high level class. Mr. Ryder is very popular and prestige person in the Blue Veins association, he wants to get marry with a sophisticated woman. In the middle of the story, a black woman comes to Mr. Ryder, and she asked him for help. Liza Jane wants to find her husband, and she tells her story to Mr. Ryder. Why does Mr. Ryder forget his past? This black woman has been looking for her husband for twenty five years.  

I think that Mr. Ryder doesn’t want to remember about his past, and he undecides of what he should be in the society. Moreover, He feels that he is doing the right thing by giving the story to the people who are the members of the Blue Veins. He might want them to understand why he forget about his wife. However, he seems in the story he does not love her wife anymore. In addition, this character shows that social unstability because he seems to be with the BLUE VEINS and the Africa America as well. Sometimes, some people are undecided of the social stability. Especially, when you live in a country where there many kind of nationalities and social levels. Later on, Mr. Ryder finds as an Africa American by telling everyone in ball that his youth wife is the black woman. It is such nice emotion from him side.


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