The Tell-Tate Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart was very mysterious and scary reading in my point of view. Usually, I don’t like scary movies because of terror. However, this reading gave the sense of a great terror movie. I really enjoyed and felt each moment when the man described the feels of bitterness, hatred, and discomfort. In my opinion, the man started feeling terrible emotions because some people thought that he was crazy. Sometimes, people make others to become with psychological problems. As a result, this man become a psychopath because of the intrigues that people had for him. Also, the old man’s eye irritated him more.

In addition, at the end of this story, reminded me a chapter in the Bible. Especially, a man who was the one sold Jesus by thirty coins. This man was Judas Iscariot. Why do I relate this man with Judas? First, Jesus was innocent as the old man when he died. But, in my point of view is that Judas felt too guilty and he started having terrible hallucientions just like this man felt when the officers were with him. The feeling guiltiness and desperation make people confess their crimes. The truth always comes out…



One thought on “The Tell-Tate Heart

  1. You bring up an interesting point about the way that other people can influence a person’s madness. I also like what you write about Judas, and perhaps the parallel between the story and The Bible.

    Excellent job!

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