Tobias Wolff’s “The Hunters in the Snow”

The story “The Hunters in the Snow” starts off in the snow, which is just like today. I think the story was very fun to read because it was funny. I do not think they are truly friends but more like animals. The story describes three friends going hunting together in the wood. The first character, Tub, a chubby guy who is very sensitive. Then the second character is Frank, who is a cheater, I do not like him. Lastly there is Kenny, who I think is hard and brutal, he is always mad and he even shot a dog. The story is very interesting to read and I like how I get to know each character. Through the story, the author shows that the characters have connection between them and cares for each other, but in the end, they are cruel like animals. Tub shots Kenny because Kenny said he hates Tub, an accident? I don’t know. But I think it is ridiculous that Tub and Frank left Kenny in the car to go drink at a bar and discuss about Frank cheating. Frank is going to cheat on his wife with a fifteen years old girl! Is that even illegal? I really do not like Frank, I think he is just a player and he even have children too and he still wants to be with the babysitter. How can Tub and Frank left Kenny in the back of the car to go drinking and eating. Kenny is dying in the back of a car while Tub and Frank having fun eating and drinking. The ending is very interesting. Kenny and all of them think they are going to the hospital after wasting all those time, but they are going the opposite direction. They are animals! But I do like the story, it was interesting to read.


Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”

The story “The Lottery” starts  in a small village where the people are close and tradition paramount. I think this stroy is interesting because it gives irony. The Lottery is a year event which person in the town is randomly chosen by  a drawing. This story reminds to the movie the hunger games because in the movie people in the town has to choose a person by a drawing. When I was reading the story, I felt that it was clear because people in the village seems to like the lottery, but the person who chosen they seem to be unhappy. I really don’t like this lottery game. I wish that we can this discuss the story in class, but I think we don’t more time for that. I think that Jackson uses symbolic names to indicate and foreshadow what will come to be after the lottery is conducted happens. Also, the story presents religious and symbolic meanings to the lottery. In the sentences, “ Bobby Martin had already stuffed his pockets full of stones, and the other boys soon followed his example, selecting the smoothest and roundest stones;” shows that young kids were picking up smooth stones. Even the color of the box (black) is a universal symbol for evil and death. The three legged stool represents the Christian Trinity. I think this story makes a relationship with all about Christianity. I like the story about I think it is confused why  they have to kill someone.

Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds”

The story “Two Kinds” describes about the relatioship between a mother and a daughter. I think the mother only wants her  daughter to be a good girl.  But, the little girl thinks different about being a good girl. Both of them have roots from China, the girl deals with her own internal conflict as well as an external conflict with her mother. The little girl has to deal with the obstacle that her mother gives her.  She feels that being born of Chinese heritage, she struggles with the burden of failing to meet her mother’s expectations. Throughout the story, the author represents the theme that parents can’t control their children, but can only guide them. Sometimes parents over control their children and they don’t really understand that their children are tired of being over control. As a result, the mother thinks  that America is the place where her daughter will be a prodigy. However, little girl has a different type of mind because she was born in America and she feels that she has to be different than what her mother wants.

When little girl has test in school, the mother was unable to become what her mother desired. She desires that her daughter become the perfect girl in the school and everything the mother didn’t have in her life. Sometimes, I think it is good because the mother has dreams for her daughter but at the same time the mother becomes too mean with her daughter. This story provides that the Chinese mother only wants very high expectations for the life of her daughter.

Gemini – What Are You Fighting For?

The poem “What Are You Fightidng For” catches my attention because of the title. Everyone has a reason to fighting for what the want in life. I really didn’t like this poem because I don’t really understand what he is trying to say. In this passage he says, ” I would stand to miss the fists on the battlefield
Among an army of red and an army of blue
And I stand tall and true
As I ask you
What are you fighting for?”

well, I only understand that he will fight everyday when the obstacles face him in his life. Also, I think this poem has a good message for people who obstacles in place where they have to fight for everyday life. I feel that poeple who live in a bad area, they are constantly thinking about their family. This part of the poem is really emotional and he says, “And now, I’m too afraid to let my mother walk to the store alone
Cuz these streets” this part reminds me to my country, when I was a kid, I was afraid that my grandmother walked alone in the street because it was a lot of violence and . I feel this part is related to my childhood. This poem touched me for the part, he mentions his mother, we don’t want something bad for the people we love. we feel that if they go out, something wrong will happen to them. So, we prefer to stay away from the violence and proctect the ones we love.

Those Winter Sundays

The poem “Those Winter Sundays” remind me of my grandfather. I really enjoyed this poem becase how Robert Handey refers to his father. In the beginning of the poem he starts with line, “Sundays too my father got up early and put his clothes on in the blueblack cold.” It seems that he father wakes up every morning to work even though it is winter. Also, I see that his father is the type of parent that takes care of his family and Robert makes that clear in this his poem. In this line he says, “No one ever thanked him.” I think that No one thanked his father when he was alive, and after he wrote this poem is a way to realize that Robert didn’t thank him alive. Soemtimes, people don’t thank to the ones they love when they are alive. I think this happened to Robert. Here Handey says, “I’d wake and hear the cold splintering, breaking. When the rooms were warm, he’d call.” Handey says that he woke up in the morning to see his father awake. soemtimes, I woke up in the morning just to see my grandpa leaving, and wished him a good day. I think this was the same thing for Robert. End of the poem, I really got confused because he finished with quentions. “What did I know, what did I know of love’s austere and lonely offices?” I think these quentions only bring melancholy because he doesn’t that he is father wakes every morning just for a better life.


Finish Shakespeare’s Macbeth

In Act 4, The three witches appear again in the play.  I feel that this scene is in place which is  dark and the weird sister are around a couldron already boiling. I think are telling each other of the signals they have from their relatives. The three witches make their contributions and I feel that the witches are happy during this moment. After this moment, Hecate enters in the play, she brings a different notes in the lines. Hecate seems to be more intelligent than these weird sisters. I think she is more educated, and she makes a strong feeling of security to Macbeth.

Macbeth enters in this scene, he wants to know what the witches are doing. The witches are acting mysteriously because they have something to say to Macbeth. The witches call the spirit to come and show them about offices. After this there are different apparitions, showing that Macbeth has to be beware from Macduff and some on the apparitions make Macbeth to feel that he doesn’t problems.

The last acts, it just about how Macduff and Malcom are trying to take out Macbeth from kingdom. Lady Macbeth kills herself because she feels guilty and she thinks that killing herself would be the solution for her. Many readers said that she doesn’t kill her in the play, but I think it is true that she suicides herself. At the end of the play, we know that Macbeth is killed. I think Macbeth’s ambition is the cause of his dead becasue he know that prophecies make him to another person. He should have had fallow of what the witches talk him.


Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Act III

In Act III Banquo is in the coranation of Macbeth as king and he also thinks about the prophecies of the witches. Now that the first prophecy has come true, Macbeth feels that he have to kill his friend Banquo because Macbeth wants the second prophecy to be come. He doesn’t want that Banquo’s children will be the future kings. However, Banquo sophecies can not be escape. Macbeth has adopted the same moon as Lady Macbeth has in Act 1. Now he has the feelings to kill anyone who is in the witches prophecies. Both characters seem to have the same feelings, they want to have power and they desire that the prophecies come true in their own ways. I think that in this act Macbeth sees Bonquo’s spirit, he is the only one who sees it. I think he feels guilty because he over thinks about his friend Bonquo. As a result, people begin to think that Macbeth is a tyrant. Macduff refuses to stay wih the royal court and he leaves to England to support Malcolm. They want to raise an army and against Macbeth. Soon he knows that Macduff is England, I understand in this part that Macbeth is planning to have a war. These two characters Macduff and Malcolm feel to save Scotland because Macbeth is being a king. In this act we see that it is always conflicts between Macduff and Macbeth. Both of them have different opinions and expectations of who should be the king of Scotland.